Critter Work Exchanges Now Available

We’re pleased to announce we are officially taking applications for summer 2017 Critter work exchange. We’ve got a big summer ahead of us and are interested in hosting folks who are interested in experiencing life as Critters. Come help us scurry around the barnyard and build our timbered nests.

We have two positions open — building and homestead/childcare. You can read details about each at our Work Exchange tab above. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Critter Scout – Critter Cadette – Critter Comrade – Guest Post By: Amber Lee M.

Image       The day I completed my last final exam was the day I packed up all of my belongings and set forth on my expedition to North East Missouri. While I was camping in the Shawnee National Forest, the day before my arrival, it dawned on me that I had no idea what I would be doing during my work exchange visit. It is true that Mae and I had exchanged E-mails prior to my journey but the only indication from Mae which indicated my purpose was ” I can’t wait to have help with the animals”. Honestly, It didn’t really matter to me what I would be participating in while at Dancing Rabbit because having the opportunity to participate in the community for any amount of time doing any sort of work sufficed my eagerness.

Georgia license plate tag’s rolled into the Dancing Rabbit parking lot along with a dust trail lingering behind. Once the car was parked I immediately asked the first person I ran into, who I now know is named Denis, where I could find the ‘Critter’s’ homestead. Lo and behold Ben was just down the gravel path walking with some buckets

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Karen Hanrahan- Milkweed Artist in Residence

Mae Sky Pray

Milkweed Mercantile brought the wonderful Karen Hanrahan to Dancing Rabbit the first half of January. She is a photographer that works mainly in “macro” or detail form. Her camera was even small and unobtrusive. She rarely takes photos on faces but was inspired by our four year old Althea. At times Critter are very camera shy, but Karen brought good vibes and took great pictures.  Continue reading