Rag Review: Modern Farmer

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Modern Farmer is a magazine which is easy on the eyes, but difficult on the arse. I have been reading homestead-y publications for a decade of years now, and subsequently wiping my bum with them for four. I may not be the modern farmer of sorts contained in its pages, but I know good butt fodder when I handle it, and this magazine is far too slick and glossy for any type of practical use. For eight bucks an issue, I ought to be able to wipe my ass with it, because there is no other way that Modern Farmer can possibly make my day-to-day operations smooth. The way some farmers can look at some hay and instantly know the feed and economic value of it: that’s what my ass does with magazines. My ass thinks Countryside is like the Charmin of the magazine world. Continue reading

Critter Radio: Liat Compares Ecovillages

liat radio

Liat comes out of the cold to discuss how Dancing Rabbit compares to other Ecovillages she’s encountered in her travels

This week’s guest, Liat, uses her unique perspective as someone who has lived at Dancing Rabbit but also experienced a lot of other intentional communities across the country. Liat moved to Dancing Rabbit in 2007, moved away in 2011, but continues as part of the community through periodic visits . We took advantage of her most recent visit over the turn of the year to pick her brain about what sets Dancing Rabbit apart from similar spots. From the car co-op to neighborhood layout to house size, this episode is geared for those who have been thinking about finding new community but aren’t sure how to whittle down the choices.

Critter Radio: iLLLy Talks Tech

Fellow Rabbit “iLLLy” joins us in an examination of why low impact doesn’t have to be low tech

We’re a bit disheartened in admitting that its taken some downright dreary weather to drive us inside and pull some previously recorded content out for this version of Critter Radio. But this time around, we’re joined by our neighbor “iLLLy,” who lives just across the draw and lends some newfangled technology in sprucing up the show’s acoustics (who’d have thought a mic could be so useful in recording a podcast?).

We focus this time around on technology and how it fits into the notion of eco-friendly. Plus, debunking the myth that ecovillage life is all handsaws and candle light.


resurrection 001

Today, a happy surprise greeted me when I got up to feed the birds.  (after I ran around in my underwear trying to get our crap in out of the rain).  One of the khaki hens was out of the run, which has happened when they are super eager for breakfast, but once I let her into the run the drakes were ON her and I also saw that she was midway through a molt, which none of them had been yesterday.  Our missing hen came back!  And days before I found our missing “Babette” trapped under the kitchen!  Continue reading