resurrection 001

Today, a happy surprise greeted me when I got up to feed the birds.  (after I ran around in my underwear trying to get our crap in out of the rain).  One of the khaki hens was out of the run, which has happened when they are super eager for breakfast, but once I let her into the run the drakes were ON her and I also saw that she was midway through a molt, which none of them had been yesterday.  Our missing hen came back!  And days before I found our missing “Babette” trapped under the kitchen!  Continue reading

other farm report 1/7/15

Fucking cold. Woke up to the sound of hunting dogs approaching the barn. I ran down the hill with my rifle (the big one, just in case) and confronted the owner, who says they were in pursuit of a coyote and ran out of bounds. He was very respectful and apologetic, unlike the similar incident last year. The difference? I was armed.  Poultry feed keeps freezing. Goats and donkey are tearing through the hay. Very flatulent. Very satisfying to watch the fertility factory. Deep litter management is creating quite a bit of warmth in the barn. Still I hung a curtain over the barn door for extra windblock. 11 eggs.

other farm report 1/5/15


Juncos and cardinals flitting about on bare branches and standing blades of indian grass. Chickens and ducks a bit more active today. Winds were calm. Rode my bike to town, but the cables were frozen. Gonna have to bring it inside to thaw. One of Babushka’s babies is missing. Hope it fed something that needed sustenance and didn’t just freeze to death somewhere I can’t find. A bit more snow in the afternoon. 12 eggs.