Critter Radio: iLLLy Talks Tech

Fellow Rabbit “iLLLy” joins us in an examination of why low impact doesn’t have to be low tech

We’re a bit disheartened in admitting that its taken some downright dreary weather to drive us inside and pull some previously recorded content out for this version of Critter Radio. But this time around, we’re joined by our neighbor “iLLLy,” who lives just across the draw and lends some newfangled technology in sprucing up the show’s acoustics (who’d have thought a mic could be so useful in recording a podcast?).

We focus this time around on technology and how it fits into the notion of eco-friendly. Plus, debunking the myth that ecovillage life is all handsaws and candle light.

Technolojesus Cometh

Sisters, brothers, co’s: We are gathered here (on the internet) on this holiest of days to praise our one true salvation, the embodiment of eternal love, wisdom, and human folly, that was made dirigible flesh by military-industrial voodoo, the one we call Technolojesus! And though hellhounds nip our heels in the guise of climate change, civil war, disease epidemics, fascism and starvation, we must all come toward the heavenly glow, portable electronic devices nested deeply near our genitals, and prepare to inherit the Kingdom of the Technofix! Continue reading