barnyard photography

barnyard photography

What you don’t realize when you see the pictures of our animals is that EVERY TIME I take a camera down there, there are goats trying very hard to be way too close to it. They are so curious. It is so obnoxious! P.S. This is the shameful south face of the barn. Never got the doors and windows on last year, that will be a job for this season. Also of note, the clothes from the give-away stash in the machine shed, stuffed between rafters to try and keep it a little warmer in there.


Karen Hanrahan- Milkweed Artist in Residence

Mae Sky Pray

Milkweed Mercantile brought the wonderful Karen Hanrahan to Dancing Rabbit the first half of January. She is a photographer that works mainly in “macro” or detail form. Her camera was even small and unobtrusive. She rarely takes photos on faces but was inspired by our four year old Althea. At times Critter are very camera shy, but Karen brought good vibes and took great pictures.  Continue reading