Critter Kitchen # “What-Point-Oh”?


Cookin’ in the OK (Outdoor Kitchen) 2011

At Dancing Rabbit there are many kitchen coops. I myself have been a part of the OK, Mercantile, and Bobolink food scenes. I have cooked in the Common House Kitchen (formerly known as Sunflower), Ironweed, and Thistledown. I am no stranger to the cooking styles of solar, propane, or wood; or if you prefer, vegan, gluten-free, or omnivorous.


Perks of the OK: tired of waiting for dinner? Grab a commie bike and go for a spin!

I may have been around the “kitchen block,” but I always come home to Critterville. We are more than a kitchen coop and have definitely put in our time to each other. Here is just a tidbit of our delicious journey.

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a cow tongue holiday


cold + tongue = holiday.

a few years ago, i was gifted a cow tongue from a neighbor here at dancing rabbit. grossed out? you shouldn’t be. tender and flavorful, it has become something of a dead-of-winter tradition for me. when i heard it was going to be a high of 0 a few days ago, my mouth started to water and i headed to the freezer (or anyway, to the cooler that i keep outside).

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Art Potatoes


Sarah plays with her food.

Ever the versatile root, potatoes found a new-found use for us this holiday season. We had lots of pictures to send out to folks, but we didn’t want to resort to the store bought, generic cards that are better known for drear cliche than cheer. So a¬†quick scavenge around the house had us making home-made potato stamps, perfect for customizing cards for any occasion.

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