Cat Liberation and the Persuit of the Ideal

Cobbing on Kyle's new wallIn the midst of a late heat dome slowly approaching northeast Missouri, it is with great honor that one of the critters’ latest work exchangers, (That’s me, Clare!) is here with a small update on the many affairs and goings-on in this small corner of Dancing Rabbit. This summer so far has presented a steady flux of community members passing through daily affairs. It seems in this constant state, that things may change at a pace faster than what a small, out-of-the-way community is expected to encounter but folk’s adaptability to such situations never falters.  Continue reading

Critter Radio Is Live!


Well, recorded yesterday. But anyway, it’s up! Our mic worked, and we didn’t trip over our tongues too bad. Critter Radio is the first unofficial Dancing Rabbit podcast! Hosted by Rabbit Yoder and Sweet Pine Pine Fresh Downlow Brownlow, Critter Radio brings you news, conversation, perspectives, and various bullshittings from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Podcasts are available in downloadable .mp3, or streaming through the embedded player. Alternately you can check us out on Youtube. Here’s the blurb for the first installment!

March 26, 2014: Kyle and Ben introduce ourselves as your hosts Rabbit Yoder and Downlow Brownlow.  There’s conversation featuring the ever prolific Muscovy duck (whose population exploded tenfold over the last summer!). I’ve a song for Ben with a little Critter easter egg riddle. Later, we give you a peak into the Week In Preview schedule (the WIP) to give you an idea of the happenings at DR. Ben reads his latest Memphis Democrat article, and the show is capped by some cozy firelight coming to you over the radio waves.

Note: We’re not really sure what warrants an “explicit language” heads up. But there’s some (what we consider) minor language liberties taken here.

(Episodes can be downloaded in the archive under the “Critter Radio” tab.