Critter Radio: Katherine Talks Retreat

We step into K Sparrow's bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit's annual "Retreat"-- membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

We step into K Sparrow’s bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit’s annual “Retreat”– membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

Introducing K* Sparrow! Fellow critter Katherine opens up her bus-house “Aubergine” as a make shift studio for this episode of Critter Radio. After the obligatory hoo-hawing over the locale, we move on to cover our featured topic– Retreat at Dancing Rabbit.

Retreat is an annual grouping of increasingly informal meetings where we converge to discuss where we stand on some of the hot topics circulating the village. Katherine and Winey (Whiney?) Piney Ben each summarize their committee’s reports (Eco-Progress and the Oversight Team, respectively), musically and otherwise. Katherine goes on to fill us in on the Dancing Rabbit membership numbers for 2015. We wrap up the show with Validation Day (our take on Valentine’s day). We take it beyond chocolate and sex for a more community oriented and affirming holiday.

We’re also psyched to say that we’re now officially listed in the iTunes podcast database! Search for Critter Radio, and subscribe with your favorite podcast app or player. Cool beans!

Critter Radio: Liat Compares Ecovillages

liat radio

Liat comes out of the cold to discuss how Dancing Rabbit compares to other Ecovillages she’s encountered in her travels

This week’s guest, Liat, uses her unique perspective as someone who has lived at Dancing Rabbit but also experienced a lot of other intentional communities across the country. Liat moved to Dancing Rabbit in 2007, moved away in 2011, but continues as part of the community through periodic visits . We took advantage of her most recent visit over the turn of the year to pick her brain about what sets Dancing Rabbit apart from similar spots. From the car co-op to neighborhood layout to house size, this episode is geared for those who have been thinking about finding new community but aren’t sure how to whittle down the choices.

Critter Radio: iLLLy Talks Tech

Fellow Rabbit “iLLLy” joins us in an examination of why low impact doesn’t have to be low tech

We’re a bit disheartened in admitting that its taken some downright dreary weather to drive us inside and pull some previously recorded content out for this version of Critter Radio. But this time around, we’re joined by our neighbor “iLLLy,” who lives just across the draw and lends some newfangled technology in sprucing up the show’s acoustics (who’d have thought a mic could be so useful in recording a podcast?).

We focus this time around on technology and how it fits into the notion of eco-friendly. Plus, debunking the myth that ecovillage life is all handsaws and candle light.

Critter Radio: Mae Talks Donkey

This episode of Critter Radio features Donkey– our “beast of burden?”

We’re pleased to announce the second installment of Critter Radio, the (very) unofficial podcast of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In this episode, hosts Rabbit Yoder and Sweet Piney Fresh Downlow Brownlow introduce fellow Critter Mae Ferber. Althea chimes in with her hot chocolate spoon. This week’s happenings include a not-your-mom’s tupperware party. Mae goes on to introduce yet another critter– Donkey! and explains how he’s handling his cart training. We wrap the show up with the methodology behind Mae’s feather business.

We also touch on a Dancing Rabbit myth– that we’re all tree huggers. Are we guilty? (Can you hug a tree with a chain saw…?)

Critter Radio Is Live!


Well, recorded yesterday. But anyway, it’s up! Our mic worked, and we didn’t trip over our tongues too bad. Critter Radio is the first unofficial Dancing Rabbit podcast! Hosted by Rabbit Yoder and Sweet Pine Pine Fresh Downlow Brownlow, Critter Radio brings you news, conversation, perspectives, and various bullshittings from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Podcasts are available in downloadable .mp3, or streaming through the embedded player. Alternately you can check us out on Youtube. Here’s the blurb for the first installment!

March 26, 2014: Kyle and Ben introduce ourselves as your hosts Rabbit Yoder and Downlow Brownlow.  There’s conversation featuring the ever prolific Muscovy duck (whose population exploded tenfold over the last summer!). I’ve a song for Ben with a little Critter easter egg riddle. Later, we give you a peak into the Week In Preview schedule (the WIP) to give you an idea of the happenings at DR. Ben reads his latest Memphis Democrat article, and the show is capped by some cozy firelight coming to you over the radio waves.

Note: We’re not really sure what warrants an “explicit language” heads up. But there’s some (what we consider) minor language liberties taken here.

(Episodes can be downloaded in the archive under the “Critter Radio” tab.