Critter Work Exchanges Now Available

We’re pleased to announce we are officially taking applications for summer 2017 Critter work exchange. We’ve got a big summer ahead of us and are interested in hosting folks who are interested in experiencing life as Critters. Come help us scurry around the barnyard and build our timbered nests.

We have two positions open — building and homestead/childcare. You can read details about each at our Work Exchange tab above. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Installing a Poo Primer

For those living in conventional housing but interested in adding a more natural feel, here’s an idea on how you can prime your space to accommodate earthen plaster. Here, Kyle illustrates “priming” plastic insulation so that it can receive finish plaster. It would also likely work on drywall, wood, metal, etc. Keep in mind that the bond probably won’t support a lot of weight, so you’ll want to keep subsequent coats / finishes fairly light. (I will probably keep the next layers under an inch total in most places.)

Update 1/30/17: The primer has continued to hold, and exceeds my expectations in performance. It’s remained on the wall everywhere, and hasn’t cracked at all. Will wait until spring before applying finish plaster, will report on how well that goes.

Critter Kitchen # “What-Point-Oh”?


Cookin’ in the OK (Outdoor Kitchen) 2011

At Dancing Rabbit there are many kitchen coops. I myself have been a part of the OK, Mercantile, and Bobolink food scenes. I have cooked in the Common House Kitchen (formerly known as Sunflower), Ironweed, and Thistledown. I am no stranger to the cooking styles of solar, propane, or wood; or if you prefer, vegan, gluten-free, or omnivorous.


Perks of the OK: tired of waiting for dinner? Grab a commie bike and go for a spin!

I may have been around the “kitchen block,” but I always come home to Critterville. We are more than a kitchen coop and have definitely put in our time to each other. Here is just a tidbit of our delicious journey.

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