we consider ourselves on the more hardcore side of ecologically friendly living. we are caleb, mae, ben, althea, katherine, sparky, and kyle. here’s a reality check for those who still think living off the grid at an ecovillage is all cozy firelight and frolicking naked with butterflies in the meadow at dusk. to hell with these pleasantries

well actually, we do like fire and naked butterflies. but we prefer to stay rugged with a barnyard of ducks, goats, and a donkey. we’ve built our houses out of straw, sticks, and bricks. despite popular belief, the report is that they’ve all got their place. you’re invited inside. you can leave your shoes on–our floor is as dirty as we are.

we are people of simple pleasures, hard work, and tequila sunrises. we think it’s important to use the whole buffalo.

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Critter Work Exchanges Now Available

We’re pleased to announce we are officially taking applications for summer 2017 Critter work exchange. We’ve got a big summer ahead of us and are interested in hosting folks who are interested in experiencing life as Critters. Come help us scurry around the barnyard and build our timbered nests.

We have two positions open — building and homestead/childcare. You can read details about each at our Work Exchange tab above. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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