Critter Radio: Katherine Talks Retreat

We step into K Sparrow's bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit's annual "Retreat"-- membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

We step into K Sparrow’s bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit’s annual “Retreat”– membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

Introducing K* Sparrow! Fellow critter Katherine opens up her bus-house “Aubergine” as a make shift studio for this episode of Critter Radio. After the obligatory hoo-hawing over the locale, we move on to cover our featured topic– Retreat at Dancing Rabbit.

Retreat is an annual grouping of increasingly informal meetings where we converge to discuss where we stand on some of the hot topics circulating the village. Katherine and Winey (Whiney?) Piney Ben each summarize their committee’s reports (Eco-Progress and the Oversight Team, respectively), musically and otherwise. Katherine goes on to fill us in on the Dancing Rabbit membership numbers for 2015. We wrap up the show with Validation Day (our take on Valentine’s day). We take it beyond chocolate and sex for a more community oriented and affirming holiday.

We’re also psyched to say that we’re now officially listed in the iTunes podcast database! Search for Critter Radio, and subscribe with your favorite podcast app or player. Cool beans!

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