Cat Liberation and the Persuit of the Ideal

Cobbing on Kyle's new wallIn the midst of a late heat dome slowly approaching northeast Missouri, it is with great honor that one of the critters’ latest work exchangers, (That’s me, Clare!) is here with a small update on the many affairs and goings-on in this small corner of Dancing Rabbit. This summer so far has presented a steady flux of community members passing through daily affairs. It seems in this constant state, that things may change at a pace faster than what a small, out-of-the-way community is expected to encounter but folk’s adaptability to such situations never falters.  Continue reading

Critter Radio: Katherine Talks Retreat

We step into K Sparrow's bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit's annual "Retreat"-- membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

We step into K Sparrow’s bus for analysis on Dancing Rabbit’s annual “Retreat”– membership numbers, committee reports, and song!

Introducing K* Sparrow! Fellow critter Katherine opens up her bus-house “Aubergine” as a make shift studio for this episode of Critter Radio. After the obligatory hoo-hawing over the locale, we move on to cover our featured topic– Retreat at Dancing Rabbit.

Retreat is an annual grouping of increasingly informal meetings where we converge to discuss where we stand on some of the hot topics circulating the village. Katherine and Winey (Whiney?) Piney Ben each summarize their committee’s reports (Eco-Progress and the Oversight Team, respectively), musically and otherwise. Katherine goes on to fill us in on the Dancing Rabbit membership numbers for 2015. We wrap up the show with Validation Day (our take on Valentine’s day). We take it beyond chocolate and sex for a more community oriented and affirming holiday.

We’re also psyched to say that we’re now officially listed in the iTunes podcast database! Search for Critter Radio, and subscribe with your favorite podcast app or player. Cool beans!

Rag Review: Modern Farmer

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Modern Farmer is a magazine which is easy on the eyes, but difficult on the arse. I have been reading homestead-y publications for a decade of years now, and subsequently wiping my bum with them for four. I may not be the modern farmer of sorts contained in its pages, but I know good butt fodder when I handle it, and this magazine is far too slick and glossy for any type of practical use. For eight bucks an issue, I ought to be able to wipe my ass with it, because there is no other way that Modern Farmer can possibly make my day-to-day operations smooth. The way some farmers can look at some hay and instantly know the feed and economic value of it: that’s what my ass does with magazines. My ass thinks Countryside is like the Charmin of the magazine world. Continue reading

Critter Work Exchanges Now Available

We’re pleased to announce we are officially taking applications for our summer Critter work exchange. We’ve got a big summer ahead of us and are interested in hosting folks who are interested in experiencing life as Critters. Come help us scurry around the barnyard and build our timbered nests.

We have two positions open — building and farming. You can read details about each at our Work Exchange tab above. Looking forward to hearing from you!